Annual meeting June 1971

The Annual General Meeting of Tayport Amateur Football Club was held in the Scout Hall, Elizabeth Street on Thursday 10th June 1971 at 7.30pm.

Those present of the previous season’s committee were

Chairman  –  I R Bell

Treasurer  –  R F Redpath

Secretary  –  A J Oswald

Committee Members  – E. Stewart, D.Hughes, A. Walker, A Boitz

  1. The chairman opened the meeting by thanking those who had come along, especially the ladies present.
  2. Apologies were heard on behalf of F. Bremner, T. Laing, E.Simpson and Provost J.B.Pow. Minutes of the previous AGM were read and the passing of these minutes was proposed by A.Oswald and seconded by D. Hughes
  3. The secretary read his report on the season just finished
  4. The treasurer gave his report on the financial workings of the club which showed that at the end of the year the club had £255.41p in the bank
  5. Election of Office Bearers

The chairman proposed that Provost Pow be asked to continue in the capacity of Honorary President. This was seconded by A J Oswald.

D Hughes, proposed by A.Oswald and seconded by Richard Redpath was the sole nominee for the post of chairman. A J Oswald and R F Redpath were unanimously re-elected to the posts of secretary and treasurer respectively.

Messrs E.Simpson, F Bremner, A Walker, A Oswald, T Laing and J Henderson were elected to the Selection Committee, the latter subject to his availability.

J Mathers, seconded by I Mathers, proposed that any other interested person could be co-opted to this committee during the season. This motion was carried unanimously.

The General Club Committee was elected as follows – Messrs F Bremner, E Stewart, A Boitz, J Lindsay, E Simpson, J Scott and A Walker. It was decided that after each committee meeting the members would meet the ladies for further discussion on fundraising and other matters in which they had an interest. It was intimated that Councillor Walter Goodwin was to be the TTC rep on the Tayport FC committee.

  1. A Oswald raised the subject of training for the coming season. The secretary pointed out that the response last year when facilities and trainer were available was very poor. The committee is to arrange training for the coming season
  2. R Redpath spoke on transport to matches for players. The new committee, it was agreed, would endeavour to negotiate a contract for a minibus
  3. R Redpath voiced opinion on the payment of insurance to injured players. A proposal by the treasurer, seconded by R Redpath that, if the injured player had a claim with the insurance company, he would be paid £5 by the club for the first week of disablement, was carried.
  4. Councillor Goodwin, in his capacity of the Town Council representative, proposed that the secretary write to Tayport T. C. re. the state of the goalmouths on the Common, asking if the Town Council would be prepared to repair them. This was unanimously agreed upon.
  5. J Mathers raised the subject of using the Caravan Block for changing but the secretary pointed out that the club’s application to the Town Council for the use of these facilities had been turned down flat. The club had been making moves towards new changing accommodation for themselves. Plans and estimates were under preparation and details of available grant had been obtained from the Scottish Education Department.
  6. The ladies present expressed concern over the fact that the players in general, gave very poor support to the functions run by the club. The new committee would try to rectify this position in the new season.

This concluded the business